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You shouldn’t have to spend your time driving to a different office or lab and experience long wait times to have your blood drawn. This is why Birinder Kaur, MD, offers in-office drawing of blood at Healing Touch Medical in the state-of-the-art clinic in Paramus, New Jersey. To find out more about how in-office drawing of blood can enhance your medical experience, schedule a visit with Dr. Kaur today by calling Healing Touch Medical or book using the online tool.

In Office Drawing of Blood Q & A

Why do you need to draw blood?

Drawing blood is typically a diagnostic procedure, meaning that it’s performed to check for health concerns or to create a baseline in which future blood work can be measured. Some of the common tests that are performed with your blood work include:

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Chemistry (basic metabolic) panel
  • Thyroid panel
  • Nutrient level tests
  • Enzyme markers
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests

By giving you a more detailed and precise picture of your body, blood tests are a useful tool in designing health care plans to optimize your health and reduce your risk of medical complications. 

There are also some procedures that directly make use of your blood, like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which isolate the regenerative elements in your blood for cosmetic or medical purposes.

How often should I have blood work?

You should get your blood drawn at least once a year. Most patients typically get blood work during their yearly physical, but if you’re experiencing any unusual or persistent symptoms, your doctor might suggest getting your blood drawn sooner. 

What are the benefits of in-office drawing of blood?

Having your blood drawn in-office at Healing Touch Medical significantly improves your health care experience. It streamlines your treatment process by alleviating the hassle of having to go to a special facility. Furthermore, having your blood drawn by a familiar face in a warm and friendly environment leaves you feeling more comfortable and relaxed.

What happens when you draw my blood?

Getting your blood drawn is a quick and easy process. Your provider starts by wrapping an elastic band around your arm, which makes your veins back up with blood. This makes them bigger and easier to identify.

Next, they identify an easily accessible vein, clean the area with an alcohol wipe, and insert the needle. The insertion is nothing to fear, and any pain you might experience is minimal. Most people compare it to a quick, little pinch.

Once they successfully penetrate your vein, they attach the needle to a syringe or a special tubing to collect the blood. After they’ve collected the necessary amount of blood, they remove the needle and cover the site with a bandage.

How do I prepare for a blood draw?

Drinking plenty of water before your appointment can make your blood draw easier. Since your blood volume increases when you’re hydrated, ingesting plenty of fluids makes your veins more plump and easy to access.

Depending on the reason for your blood draw, you might need to fast before your appointment. Make sure to ask the team at Healing Touch Medical how long before your blood draw you need to stop eating.

Schedule your in-office blood draw with Healing Touch Medical today by calling the office or booking online.