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Rejuvenate your skin today! 
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It's not about vanity... it's about self-esteem.

Acne Treatment

Acne can often take away your charm. At Healing touch medical, we provide the right solution for your acne problems. We ensure that you get a permanent solution to your problem. 

Laser hair removal

Regular use of razors can really roughen your skin. Get the permanent solution to your unwanted hair at Healing Touch Medical. You can now get smooth hairless skin with laser treatments. 

Sun Damage Treatment

Burns caused by sun damage are unbearably painful and can cause long term changes to your skin. At Healing Touch Medical, we provide you with an expert solution for your sun damaged skin.

Internal Medicine

Healing Touch Medical’s internal medicine specialists offer unprecedented care with their expertise in diagnosing and treating complex health issues.


Healing Touch Medical treats obesity as a disease, and not a character flaw. At Healing Touch, we believe patients should not be blamed for obesity.


Seeking aesthetic treatment isn’t about vanity, it’s about self-esteem.
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