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Healing Touch Medical’s Aesthetic Treatments

Seeking aesthetic treatment isn’t about vanity, it’s about self-esteem. Healing Touch Medical's Dr. Kaur has attended multiple workshops on aesthetic medicine. Dr. Kaur treats these conditions using a variety of techniques and procedures including:
  • Cosmetic Laser Treatments – Removes acne scarring, age spots, fungal nail infections, ingrown hairs, sun spots, spider veins and hair removal on all skin tones
  • IPL (Elos) Therapy – Rejuvenates skin and removes hair with non-ablative light and radio frequencies
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – Revitalizes and increases skin volume in the face around the nose, forehead and mouth using your own cells
  • Botox/Xeomin – Relaxes the muscles in the face to create a younger, healthier appearance
  • Fillers – Add volume to the face by plumping the skin and lips using Belotero, Radiesse, Restylane or Juvederm to make it appear younger
 Free consultations are available for our aesthetic treatments. Call 201.670.7557 today or contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about or monthly specials.  


“I just love Dr. Kaur; since we first met five years ago, she’s been one of the angels in my life. More recently, Dr. Kaur has introduced me to products that have helped erase some of the unkind lines of time. Selphyl, is a natural process created from ones own blood in minutes. The platelets are separated from the blood and are re-injected back into the facial creases to naturally stimulate collagen production. The best part is that your own collagen plumps the creases for about 18 months and provides a kinder more youthful look. By appearance, no one would guess, that in just a few short years, I’ll be seventy.” -E. Hill
“I have found that Botox is an excellent way of ridding my face of creasing and crows feet. It is fast and convenient with no down time. Each and every time I have gone to Dr.Kaur for Botox injections I have been thrilled with the results! Dr.Kaur is well trained in many cosmetic procedures, she has performed laser treatments and peels on me as well. I trust her skills, she gives excellent advice and never feel that she rushes any procedure. The best thing with Botox performed by Dr.Kaur is that is always looks natural and you will never look "BOTOXED"! It is most important when considering any treatment only allow them to be performed by a Physician. I have been so thrilled with the results and you will be too!” -Marge
“I have had Botox of course, a wonderful laser to treat my skin with tightening and evening out discoloration (age spot) I also have added some soft tissue fillers to areas of my face, and lips. There is a tiny sec of pain - with a pin prick! Not a big deal at all- no down time, or having to hide from friends and activities. The amount of beauty and benefit to my self-esteem was... Priceless... Although, the actual cost was excellent, compare yourself - understanding of the treatments were well explained, and Dr. Kaur is professional, skilled and talented in her administering of the products and treatments. Overall I do highly recommend Dr. Birinder Kaur for a safe and pleasant experience. Aging gracefully and with beauty and a healthy outlook is what we all hope for. Ask Dr. Kaur for my photos - and then decide the future of your face. You will not be disappointed.” - Rachel
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